Artsakh, officially known as the Republic of Artsakh, is an integral part of historic Armenia – and a predominantly Armenian populated region. The country is surrounded by glorious mountains and nature, and is the home of many sacred historical monasteries and sights. Over the past several months, Armenians from Armenia and the Diaspora have reconnected with Artsakh. We have all joined forces to raise funds, awareness, and gather aid for our brothers and sisters in Artsakh. Due to the attacks Azerbaijani military forces launched September 27, 2020, news from Artsakh has been essential to all Armenians around the world. The war crimes against Armenian people, land, and culture has been unjustifiable and unbearable. We learned from news in Artsakh that Turkish forces and Syrian mercenaries supported Azerbaijan in these attacks; that they have hit sacred churches, violated several humanitarian ceasefires, launched missile attacks, targeted hospitals, schools, and cultural institutions. Families are now separated and displaced. A generation of young men have been martyred protecting our lands. For the US Armenians social media page, Artsakh latest news has been a top priority. We understand how critical it is for our fellow Armenian followers to have information that has been researched thoroughly. We have made countless trustworthy posts about the tragic events occurring in Artsakh and Armenia. Unfortunately, this war has not stopped and Armenians from all around the world are still threatened by the enemy. We will continue our efforts to educate and spread awareness for Artsakh and Armenia. We will not stop fighting, nor stop speaking up for our brothers and sisters. Our mission is to post daily updates about Artsakh latest news and events.