Events - The US Armenians


The US Armenians loves to hear about all events occurring, whether it is a local event or something happening somewhere in the great world. We love to hear about it and share it with you! On numerous occasions you will hear us talk about the events happening in Los Angeles, such as grand openings of a brand new school, restaurant, hookah lounge, and more! We share these events with you because it is an important aspect to us to keep our community in Los Angeles; especially our Armenian community in Los Angeles, to stay connected, together, and united. The US Armenians takes pride in supporting one another and being happy for a new business that is starting its journey to success. Our mission is to manifest success for all, and we make sure that everyone is aware of all the amazing things occurring in Los Angeles. But other than our local events, The US Armenians also loves to hear and share about things happening in the world – no matter where we are in the world it is important to learn about the events happening around. This is why we strongly encourage everyone to contact us when they have an exciting event happening. If you are interested in telling us about an event happening with your business, or a friend’s business – we will happily support you and share the word with all, we will share it on our social media page as well as on our website, and make sure you get all the views and support you deserve with our professional team. So, if you wish to share about a grand opening and more, please feel free to contact us. We can be reached by email, and look forward to hearing from you. We can’t wait to celebrate your new successes.