Military forces in all developing countries play many significant roles. Societies depend on the military to keep their country and their rights safe, especially in the United States. Our Constitutional rights are essential and a privilege as citizens of this country, which is why we need the military, and depend on US military news to stay up to date when something happens. For many countries, like the United States, the military can act as a facilitator of their governments foreign policy, while it can also take part in the peacekeeping operations and humanitarian rights and reliefs. Furthermore, a few more reasons why the military is essential to any country is because they can preserve the open lanes of global commerce and finance, help secure and preserve peace treaties, strengthen the economic negotiating posture with allies, as well as adversaries, make countries more attractive to potential allies and partners, provide new channels for diplomatic influence and intelligence collection, help promote and strength democracy and human rights, and improve humanitarian relief operations. The US Armenians page is dedicated to sharing military news, whether it is national military news or worldwide. Most importantly, the US Armenians will update its devoted followers on Armenian military news as well. The Armenian Army consists of ground forces responsible for the country’s safety and land based operations, and it is especially committed to defending its sacred lands, particularly the land in the Republic of Artsakh. Since the attacks of September 27, 2020, the US Armenians acknowledges the fact of how important the protection of our fatherlands are, especially for the Armenians in the Diaspora. For this very reason, we will create posts with trustworthy updates and efficient information for our followers regarding military news, whether it may be national, Armenian, or from other countries around the world.