Armenia and La Francophone united by strong cultural and historical ties – FM

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21 Mar 2022

Armenia and La Francophone united by strong cultural and historical ties – FM

On the International Day of La Francopnonie Armenian Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan emphasized the strong cultural and historical ties that link Armenia to the organization.

He said this year the International Day of La Francophonie has a particular meaning for Armenia since the country celebrates ten years of its full membership in the organization.

“The cultural and historical ties that unite Armenia and La Francophonie are solid and inalienable, stemming from the spirit of mutual cooperation prevailing in the French-speaking community,” the Foreign Minister said.

“It is with immense enthusiasm that our country has committed itself during these years to promoting the values ​​of La Francophonie for the sake of cultural diversity, democracy, human rights and freedoms and is resolutely determined to continue its efforts,” he noted.

“After having had the honor of hosting the 18th Summit of La Francophonie, Armenia continues to hold its presidency assumed in 2018 with the same vigor. The smooth running of this Presidency and the effective contribution of Armenia to the International Organization of La Francophonie, as well as the dissemination of the ideas of La Francophonie are among the priorities of the Armenian Government,” Minister Mirzoyan said.

This year Armenia is once again actively involved in the organization of cultural and educational events aimed at celebrating the richness and diversity of French-speaking cultures and our common values.

To this end, a number of events will be organized in Yerevan and all regions of Armenia, with the participation of Francophone institutions operating in the country, as well as local self-government bodies and communities, the Foreign Minister said.

“I am convinced that these initiatives will strengthen the bonds of solidarity and friendship that unite us within the French-speaking world and affirm our unfailing attachment to French-speaking culture,” he added.

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