Bizarre green meteor falls to Earth with ‘massive explosion’ in Turkey sparking speculation of UFO or satellite crash

The US Armenians
01 Aug 2021

Bizarre green meteor falls to Earth with ‘massive explosion’ in Turkey sparking speculation of UFO or satellite crash - The US Armenians

THIS is the moment a bizarre green meteor fell to Earth sparking speculation of a crashing satellite or UFO.

Video shows the object streaking over the city of Izimir, Turkey, before disappearing behind the landscape with a bright flare.

Other clips show an huge incandescent green glow before the meteor appears to crash into Earth at around 2am on Saturday.

Footage has been shared on social media of the incredible meteor fall – leading to speculation it could a piece of a space junk, a falling satellite, or even a crashing UFO.

Witnesses reported hearing a loud explosion as it crashed towards Earth – possibly as it crashed or broke up in the atmosphere.

“UFOs have been seen in the sky,” one social media wrote, followed by the hashtag #PrayforTurkey.

Another added: “Strange, bright object believed to be a rocket debris crashed in Turkey. Satellite?”

And despite the more wild suggestions of visitors from another world or a crashing spacecraft, Dr. Hasan Ali Dal offered a more mundane explanation for the incredible scenes.

The astrophysics professor explained on Twitter that the event is known as a “fireball” and occurs when the meteor begins to burn up in the atmosphere.

“It usually burns away in the upper atmosphere,” he said.

“It should be considered as a more specific version of the phenomenon known as a shooting star among the people and it often experienced during periods of meteorite rains.”

Earth is currently experiencing the Perseid Meteor Shower which occurs every year throughout July and August.

It happens when Earth crosses paths with debris left behind from Comet Swift-Tuttle – with the meteors travelling at around 133,200mph.

They burn up in our atmosphere and almost none of them hit the ground – and at their peak around 50 meteors an hour can be observed.

And the green tint of the Izimir meteor is likely to be down to its composition, likely having large amounts of nickel.

It comes as Turkey is current experiencing horrific wildfires which are burning across the country – so far killing six.

Last week selfie-loving tourists hit the beach despite the apocalyptic scenes as the Mediterranean nation is ravaged by the infernos.

Source: The Sun

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