Europe is everyone’s dream. It is the first place most people want to travel to, and instantly finds a special place in our hearts. The people, the food, the views, and culture is said to be enjoyed by society from all around the world. From treasures like La Tour Eiffel, Arc de Triomphe, and Champs- Élysées in Paris, to the bakeries on every corner filled with European pastries, such as cream filled croissants, and Danish with apples. Let us also not forget that it does not matter where you are – France, Spain, or Austria, the wine selection is second to none! As well as the history, where we can walk down on centuries- old cobblestone streets where Leonardo de Vinci or Alexander the Great once walked; and sit in churches from the 1400s and admire all its glory and details in artwork, craftsmanship, gold pillars, and marble floors. Lastly, Europe has a warm and welcoming society. The people of Europe are just as interested in you as you are in them, which is why the news in Europe is just as prioritizing as news from the US or any other country in the world. Furthermore, Europe holds a very special place in the hearts of many Armenians, especially France. The relationship between France and Armenia has existed since the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia in the 1100s. Both countries have cooperated on many aspects including diplomacy, culture, and military.  The French have always defended Armenians’ rights, and during 1915 the French welcomed tens of thousands of Armenians into their country. They both take pride in the many works of the legendry Charles Aznavour and great Komitas. This is why Europe news is essential to all, and why the US Armenians page is devoted to reporting the latest news in Europe.