Today Marks Yeghishe Charents’ 126th Birth Anniversary

13 Mar 2023

Today marks the 126th birthday anniversary of Yeghishe Charents, a prominent Armenian poet, writer, and public activist. Charents’ life was marked by turmoil and tragedy, having witnessed the Armenian Genocide during World War I and later becoming a victim of Stalin’s Great Purge.

Despite these challenges, Charents’ legacy lives on through his powerful poetry that captures the pain and resilience of the Armenian people. He became a fervent supporter of the Bolsheviks, seeing them as the one true hope to saving Armenia, and used his writing to advocate for social justice.

Charents’ most famous works include “Land of Nairi,” a satirical novel that became a great success, and “Epic Dawn,” a collection of poems dedicated to his first wife Arpenik.

His last collection of poems, “The Book of The Way,” was printed in 1933, but its distribution was delayed by the Soviet government until 1934. Charents died in a prison hospital in 1937, a victim of Stalinism, but his works were later rehabilitated in 1954.

Today, we remember and honor Yeghishe Charents’ contributions to Armenian literature and his unwavering commitment to social justice.


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