Iran official: We are ready to assist Armenia in building new alternative road

The US Armenians
05 Oct 2021

Iran official: We are ready to assist Armenia in building new alternative road - The US Armenians

Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development as well as Executive Director of the Construction and Development of Transport Infrastructures Company in Iran, Kheirollah Khademi, visited Armenia to get acquainted with the construction of the Tatev alternative road after Azerbaijan began to obstruct the movement of Iranian trucks to Armenia. This road will be used for Iranian transit trucks traveling from the Iranian border to Armenia.

After Tatev, the delegation led by Khademi arrived in Armenia’s capital Yerevan.

During the visit, the Deputy Minister will discuss the construction of this road with the collaboration and participation of Iran.

Also, the Iranian official gave an interview to Pars Today in connection with the visit.

“An engineering and technical delegation from Iran headed by me has arrived in Armenia. The purpose of the delegation is to study, with the relevant bodies of Armenia, the difficulties created for the Iranian truck on the Goris-Kapan road. Armenia has now started to build an alternative road in the Tatev region. We are negotiating with the Armenian side so that cargo and passenger transportation on that road can return to normal as soon as possible. The Iran-Armenia state road is of strategic importance for Iran. We have visited this road, and are ready to assist Armenia in building a new [alternative] road,” he said.

According to Khademi, Iran is ready to provide engineering and technical assistance to Armenia.

“Armenia is also building the North-South road, which starts from the Iranian border and reaches the Georgian border. As far as I know, a lot of work has been done in the northern part, and I hope the work will start soon in the southern part as well. We are ready to collaborate with Armenia in this regard as well,” Kheirollah Khademi added.

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