Community unveils Burbank’s first Armenian-themed mural

The US Armenians
23 Jul 2021

Community unveils Burbank's first Armenian-themed mural - The US Armenians

The first Armenian-themed mural was unveiled in the city of Burbank.

This year, Burbank for Armenia launched the Public Art Project and invited artists in our area to submit mural designs representing the theme, “Armenian Roots.”

Local makeup artist and hairdresser Pauline Hacopian’s design was chosen to be showcased. Hacopian says this was her first time participating in a contest like this.

“I’ve never been to Armenia,” Hacopian said. “I was born in LA so I kind of wanted to paint two cities where I grew up – LA, Burbank – and you know, Armenia. I eventually want to visit the place so I use different symbols that would represent each city and I think it represents the Armenian culture as well.”

She says she was simply scrolled through Instagram when she came across the project and decided to give it a shot.

“I love art, culture and I’ve been drawn to it,” Hacopian said. “Since I was little, I’m always inspired by different artists from different backgrounds. Hopefully, I can inspire other artists and other people to share our culture and our history with the communities that we live in.”

To visit the mural, go to the Nexus Auto Group, which is located at the corner of Burbank Boulevard and Hollywood Way.

Source: Fox11

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