Armenia election: 38.17% of voters cast their ballot as of 5 pm

The US Armenians
20 Jun 2021
Armenia election: 38.17% of voters cast their ballot as of 5 pm - The US Armenians

Early Parliamentary Elections in Armenia, 2021

The Central Electoral Commission says 38.17% of voters (or 989,972 citizens) cast their ballot in the snap parliamentary elections as of 5pm.

The voter turnout in Yerevan and the regions is as follows:

Yerevan – 344,868 citizens or 40.15%

Aragatsotn – 44,511 citizens or 37.89%

Ararat – 83,766 citizens or 37.5%

Amavir – 75,035 citizens or 31.82%

Gegharkunik – 70,836 citizens or 37.38%

Lori – 87,310 citizens or 37.38%

Kotayk – 93, 828 citizens or 38.77%

Shirak – 73,171 citizens or 32.27%

Syunik – 51,383 citizens or 46.83%

Vayots Dzor – 19,888 citizens or 42.66%

Tavush – 45,376 citizens or 41.37%

A total of 2,593,572 citizens are eligible to vote in the election.

The voting started at 8 am today and will continue through 8 pm.

Twenty-five forces – 21 parties and 4 blocs are competing for seats in the National Assembly.

Nineteen local and eight international organizations observe the elections.

The preliminary results will be announced on June 21, at 8 pm.

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