Armenia committed to universal civilizational values ​​of La Francophonie – FM

The US Armenians
20 Mar 2021

Armenia committed to universal civilizational values ​​of La Francophonie – FM - The US Armenians

Armenian Foreign Minister Ara Aivazian has issued a statement on International Day of La Francophonie:

Every year, on March 20, the International Day of La Francophonie is celebrated around the world. Nearly 300 million Francophones celebrate this day not only as a celebration of the French language, but also reaffirm their desire to “live together”, in the context of solidarity and cultural diversity. Armenia, which currently chairs the Francophonie Summit, attaches great importance to the celebration of the International Francophonie Day, which symbolizes peace, solidarity, tolerance and cultural diversity.

The strengthening of peace, solidarity and relations, based on mutual respect, are of great importance in the fundamental values ​​of La Francophonie. Hatred, discrimination and falsification are rejected there.

We must note with regret that it is not all the countries in our region which share these universal values. On September 27, 2020, Azerbaijan, with the direct support of Turkey and the involvement of foreign terrorists, unleashed an aggression against Artsakh, which resulted in heavy humanitarian consequences for the civilian population. In this context, the decision of many members of the Francophone family to support our country during the difficult days of the war is of particular importance to the Armenian people.

Armenia, committed to the universal civilizational values ​​of La Francophonie, is ready to continue its efforts to establish a just and dignified peace in the region.

As you know, in March and April of each year, Armenia celebrates the Fortnight of La Francophonie, organizing various educational and cultural events in the capital and regions of the country. Due to the limitations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it has not been possible to celebrate the Journée de la Francophonie this year, as each of us would like.

Nevertheless, we are convinced that all Armenian Francophones in schools, universities, local communities, civil society will celebrate this symbolic day dedicated to the French language and to the Francophonie in a unique way. We hope that next spring, in Armenia, as in the rest of the world, the pandemic will be overcome and that the Francophone and Francophile community in our society will once again have the opportunity to take advantage of the traditional fortnight.

On the occasion of the International Day of La Francophonie, I hope that our Organization, our French-speaking family, which is an exceptional place for dialogue between civilizations, will always be modern and be able to meet the expectations of the peoples of the French-speaking world.

Source: Public Radio of Armenia

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