Any border change in the region a red line for Iran, MPs say in a statement

The US Armenians
03 Oct 2021

Any border change in the region a red line for Iran, MPs say in a statement - The US Armenians

In a joint statement released on Sunday, 165 members of the Parliament of the Islamic Republic of Iran (Majlis) praised Iranian Army’s war game in northwest region of the country, saying that any border change in the region represent a red line for Iran, IRNA reports.

Any geopolitical change and alteration of borders of neighbor countries is a red line for the Islamic Republic of Iran, said the statement read out at the open session of the parliament.

“Iran would neither tolerate any action by aliens in this regard nor allow the soil of other countries to be a base for the Israeli regime’s provocations,” the statement underlined.

The MPs also said in the statement that the military exercise held along northwest borders of Iran was a peace message to neighbors and “warning to the Israel.”

Iran has frequently proved brotherhood and good neighborliness with bordering countries, including Azerbaijan Republic, the MPs noted, adding that they expect Azerbaijani government to reject any mischief-making by aliens and counter divisive actions.

They asked Ministry of Foreign Affairs to deliver their message to the governments playing role in the Caucasus region.

Iran’s recent military drills in the country’s northwestern border area were criticized by the Republic of Azerbaijan, whose President Ilham Aliyev said he was “very surprised” by Iran’s decision to hold drills near the border and questioned the timing of the maneuvers.

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