Middle East

The Middle East has always been a topic of interest for many. Unfortunately, the Middle East has built itself a reputation of constantly being at war, experiencing conflict and socioeconomic struggles. When searching up the latest Middle East news, we are always bound to find something tragic happening in some of the most beautiful places on earth. In the midst of its troubles, the Middle East is still known for its beauty. One being, Petra in Jordan, a sight you will never forget; with the narrowest gorges as an entryway to the great lost city of the Nabateans, filled with dozens of remarkable temples and tombs. Cairo, Egypt – a city of endless mesmerizing mazes, streets, and alleyways; as well as spectacular bazaars. Burj al Arab, Dubai, UAE – an Arabian beauty with an exquisite modern twist; and futuristic skylines of modern Qatar, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai will leave us all breathless. Last but not least, a country that refuses to give up, and continues with strength and resilience is, Lebanon. From its beauty, history, and anarchy Lebanon is known to be the perfect twist of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern. Home to the eighth largest Armenian population in the world, Lebanon holds a very special place in the hearts of Armenians, and the Armenian Diaspora. After surviving the Armenian Genocide, many Armenians settled in Bourj Hammoud, Mezher, and Anjar, where they built prominent and productive Armenian communities. Just like Lebanon, Iran and Syria also home tens of thousands of Armenians. Middle East news is essential to society worldwide, but most especially for Armenians and the Diaspora. Many families still have families living in these Middle Eastern regions, where their very existence is sometimes at a risk. The US Armenians reports news in Middle East to keep families up to date and reconnected.